“How long will I be there?”

  • Most of our patients are admitted for short-term rehabilitation.  Depending on their health conditions, our patients stay for one week to three months.  Our average length of stay for our rehabilitation patients is 30-40 days.  We also have long-term care available, based upon availability. 

“How do I choose the right facility for me/my mom/my dad?”

  • Facility Tours: Tour each facility that you are considering.  Pay attention to cleanliness, odors, friendliness of staff, and ask other patients how their experiences have been.
  • Star Ratings: Look up each facility’s rating at www.medicare.gov
  • Services Provided: Ensure the facility you select has the services necessary to provide the required level of care.

“What services do you provide?”

  • We provide a wide range of therapy and nursing services, including: Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Orthopedic Recovery, Stroke Recovery, Pain Management, Registered Nursing, IV Therapy, Wound Care, Restorative Nursing, Social Services, Dietetics and more.